Mid-year Resolutions Check In

Resolutions Check-In

We are officially over 1/2 way done with 2013, yikes!  I thought I’d better check in on my 2013 Crochet Resolutions and see how I’m holding up to them.

1. Work from yarn stash and only purchase yarn when absolutely necessary for a specific project; don’t buy yarn just because it’s on sale!  I already started this with my Stash Bust 2013 Challenge.

I’ve pretty much stuck to this one.  I recently grabbed up some clearance yarn-one of my favorites-but then found the willpower to “just say no” and gave them back to the cashier at check out.  I’ve bought some yarn, but only for specific patterns and have returned yarn that was purchased for a project and then not needed.

2. Complete the Crochet Guild of America’s Master Crochet Program.

Not there yet. I’m looking to sign up in August.

3. Complete at least 2 hats per month for Halos of Hope.

Yup, I’ve done that and more most months.

4. Self publish at least 8 new patterns.

On track for this.  So far, in 2013, I’ve self-published:

Actually, that’s 8!  Wow, I didn’t realize I did so many the first 6 months of the year-I’ve been busy!  And I re-released Mr. Springy, The Robot Hat too!

5. Learn to crochet with my left hand.  I’ve been “in training” for this by learning to use the mouse with my left hand.

Still in training…

6. Complete that scrap felted throw rug I’ve been wanting to make for a couple of years now!!!

Haven’t started this either.

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