Blanket / Throw-Baby Kitty, Patchwork

Baby Kitty, Patchwork Throw Blanket

Crochet Kitty Throw Blanket Pattern loves Kitties! Make your kitty in shades of white and cream, variations of orange or even shades pink! Does your kitty have blue, green or yellow eyes? What about his or her collar? Use up your scraps and make it a rainbow! The yarn amounts provided are guidelines. Maybe you have 7 shades of purple in your stash that you want to use for the background. Group similar shades together and substitute them for one of the colors in the pattern. For example, if you have two similar shades of Lilac, both could be combined and used for your BL (Background Light) squares. Get creative! Get creative, mix and match your leftover yarn and turn it into something beautiful (important, do not mix wool with cottons or acrylics as they won’t wash the same). Pattern written for Vanna’s Choice yarn but any worsted weight or aran yarn will work.

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Crochet Kitty Throw Blanket Pattern

Worsted weight yarn Lion Brand, Vanna’s Choice (yarn amounts may vary for different yarns)

Kitty Light (KL)
Approx. 6oz/170g 290yds/266m, s Choice Silver Heather #405 (2 skeins, 3oz each)

Kitty Medium A (KMA)
Approx. 6½oz/180g 307yds/282m, s Choice Grey Marble #401 (3 skeins, 3oz each)

Kitty Medium B (KMB)
Approx. 7¼oz/204g 348yds/320m, s Choice Silver Grey #149 (3 skeins, 3.5oz each)

Kitty Dark (KD)
Approx. 8oz/229g 379yds/347m, s Choice Charcoal Grey #151 (3 skeins, 3.5oz each)

Background Light (BL)
Approx. 6½oz/186g 318yds/291m, Vanna’s Choice Dusty Blue #108 (2 skeins, 3.5oz each)


Background Medium A (BMA) Approx. 7½oz/210g 358yds/329m, Vanna’s Choice Sapphire #107 (3 skeins, 3.5oz each)

Background Medium B (BMB) Approx. 3¼oz/90g 154yds/141m, Vanna’s Choice Denim Mist #300 (2 skeins, 3.0oz each)

Background Dark (BD)
Approx. 15⅔oz/440g 750yds/687m, Vanna’s Choice Colonial Blue #109 (5 skeins, 3.5oz each)

  • For squares, approx. 6¼oz/297yds 174g/272m
  • For joining, edging, outlining, approx. 9⅓oz/450yds 266g/415m

Miscellaneous Items

Kitty Eyes
Approx. 1¾oz/48g 82yds/75m, Vanna’s Choice Dusty Green #173 (1 skein, 3.5oz)

Approx. 2½oz/72g 123yds/113m, Vanna’s Choice Cranberry #180 (1 skein, 3.5oz)

Approx. ½oz/12g 20yds/19m, Vanna’s Choice Pink #101 (1 skein, 3.5oz)

Pupils, Whiskers, Mouth and Kitty Outline
Approx. 2¾oz/78g 134yds/123m, Vanna’s Choice Black #153 (1 skein, 3.5oz)

Approx. ½oz/12g 20yds/19m, Vanna’s Choice Mustard #158 (1 skein, 3.5oz)

Cat Throw Blanket Crochet Pattern by Darleen Hopkins

I/ (5.50 mm) hook or size(s) needed to obtain correct gauge

J (6.0 mm) hook or one size larger for joining and edging

132 stitch markers/contrasting yarn (each square is marked so it is placed correctly)

Optional 20mm jingle-bell


Intermediate. Knowledge of changing color mid-row is necessary for this pattern.


Pattern is written using US stitches terms.


Each complete square = approximately 4½” to 5”. However, exact gauge is not essential. If your gauge is close to stated gauge, then your finished blanket will be close to stated finished size.


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Please note, this pattern is copyrighted and may not be reproduced or redistributed. Completed blankets may be sold but please credit Darleen Hopkins as the designer. If selling online, a link to my shop is appreciated.

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