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Crochet Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

I’ve been crocheting for a number of years now. Along the way I have learned many tricks to improve both my designs and projects. Check out the links below to find out more and how you can give your projects that extra special touch for a professional appearance.

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Quick Tips

♥When working in ends, split the plies and work them in separately.  It’s a little more work but you won’t have any kind of visible bump and they are less likely to pop out.

♥When you are turning your work, always turn in the same direction; either away from you or towards you.  By doing this, your side stitches will always be twisted the same way, making it easier when you need to work in the side of your rows.

♥Keep a Post-It notepad in your crochet bag and stick one to your pattern. Move the sticky along as you progress in the pattern to help you keep your place. Also, you can make notes or tick marks for row repeats on the sticky and therefore keep your pattern clean for the next time you need it .♥

Follow the links below for more tips and tricks.


Magic Circle/Adjustable Ring Tutorial

VIDEO, Working in the Back Bump of a Starting Chain


Blocking Acrylic Yarn

Earflap Braids Tutorial

Adding Eyes, Yarn Stitched

Adding Eyes, Button

Adding Eyes, Crocheted


How to Calculate Yardage Used

VIDEO, Working in the Horizontal Bar of a Half Double Crochet (Back Bar)

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