10 days – 17 states – 4,272 miles – 21,384 stitches


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Before Road Trip

My family and I recently went on a road trip.  We drove from north Georgia to Yellowstone National Park with a number of stops along the way there and the way back.  It was a great trip and we saw some amazing sights and created memories that will last a lifetime.

Some of the sights we saw were

After Road Trip

After Road Trip

  • St. Louis Arch
  • A jackalope (I love them!)
  • Badlands National Park
  • The straightest road ever created running from South Dakota to North Dakota
  • Pump jacks pumping oil in North Dakota
  • Windmills as far as the eye could see in Minnesota
  • The gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Mt. Rushmore
  • Crazy Horse Memorial and the annual June Night Blast
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Buffalo
  • Old Faithful (erupted on time!)
  • Mud pools and geysers and hot springs
  • Buffalo
  • A grizzly bear
  • Devil’s Tower
  • A prairie dog town
  • A hail storm like none I’ve ever experienced before
  • A missile silo
  • Buffalo
  • Breathtaking Grand Teton National park
  • An end-to-end rainbow
  • Buffalo
  • Chicago rush hour-ugh.
  • The Big Sky of Montana
  • Bear Tooth Pass from Montana to Wyoming-amazing drive
  • Snow skiers and sleders and snow gliders in June

My husband planned the entire trip and drove all 4,000 miles.  We had a number of detours as he is an avid geocacher and has a goal of finding a geocache in all 50 states (I’m really looking forward to Alaska and Hawaii!).  I sat back, enjoyed the ride (except for the hail storm and Chicago’s traffic), crocheted and read.  I had plans of getting more crocheting done but the sites were too amazing to pass up.

Hike in Custer State Park, South Dakota

Hike in Custer State Park, South Dakota

If you are lucky enough to live in the Black Hills of South Dakota or in Wyoming with a view of the Rockies, you may find me as your neighbor in a few years.

It was a beautiful adventure and I hope to visit again.

3 thoughts on “10 days – 17 states – 4,272 miles – 21,384 stitches

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  2. Anytime you want to come back out again, make sure you contact me 🙂 will take you to even more amazing sights not generally known by folks not from about here or at least tell you where they are and how to get there! Maybe you could even come and sit with us one night and watch the sunset behind the absaroka mtns while we have a fire burning in the pit & the water bubbler going…Rocky Mtn bliss :))) or if husband is into hunting……Mike would be more than willing to guide him into some beyond beautiful lesser seen country on well seasoned horses, out in wilderness where one has to have guides

  3. i went to the badlands, MT. Rushmore and crazy horse in 97. LOVE IT. I see that they haven’t done much to crazy horse since 97 😦

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