Men in Crocheted Pants

You know you are a real man when…

I seem to spend as much or maybe even more time looking at crochet online than actually crocheting.  It’s a sickness I can’t get control of; I’m hopelessly addicted to all things crochet.  Because I spend a lot of time online, I find some unique stuff.   We all know the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This saying applies to crochet too. There are some who would never touch acrylic yarn, it is lace-weight wool only for them. There are some who would never crochet a silly hat, it’s shawls and baby blankets only for them. And of course, there are those who would never crochet, it’s knit only for them, but that’s another post… Anyway, there are some who would never crochet the man in their life a pair of pants and there are men who would never wear a pair of crocheted pants. But the opposite was true for these fellows-or maybe they made the pants themselves, I don’t know. Either way, congratulations to these men who proudly wear the crocheted pants in their family!il_fullxfull_209955307


il_570xN_264411909 shorts 1


Last, one for the ladies so you don’t feel left out.


20 thoughts on “Men in Crocheted Pants

  1. I would like to buy the pattern for the blue ripple stitch men’s crochet pants. Please contact me if you have the pattern for sale, or you know where I can buy the pattern.
    Thanks, Scott

  2. I was wondering where I could find a pattern for pants. I have looked everywhere and am having no luck. I would appreciate the help thanks.


  3. Hi, I’m looking for the pattern for the pink ladies shorts, a friend of mine really wants me to make them for her. If you know where I can find the pattern please let me know. Thank you

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  6. These are amazing! I know what you mean about spending more time looking up crochet patterns online than actually crocheting. When I think about how many projects I’d have done if I spent that time actually doing something… *shakes head* But I’ve never seen a pattern for crochet pants!

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