2014 Stash Bust Challenge for Hope

Update, February 2014 Stash Bust Challenge

Stash busting for Halos of Hope is in full swing.  It’s mid-February and I have two hats to share!  I’m so proud of myself for getting this month’s goal done early.  I *hope* to complete one or two more this month to catch up for last month.

Frostberry hat donated to Halos of Hope Puppy Hat crochet pattern by Darleen HopkinsThe first, The Frostberry Hat by Sarah Jane Designs, is a hat I started back in November, but had to put it down for a couple of months while I worked on other projects.  I made a couple unintentional adjustments to the pattern.  I really shouldn’t crochet while watching TV as I got my row counts off.  The hat still looks great even with the adjustments.  I love this pattern and plan to make another, as the pattern is written.

The second, The Happy Puppy Hat, was made for a co-worker’s daughter, Sarah, an adorable 2-year old, who is currently going through chemo treatments.  The little girl recently received a new puppy so I thought this Happy Puppy hat would put a smile on her little face.

The weight of the two hats came to 6.5 ounces

Total hats made in 2014 challenge to date: 3

Total weight of the hats made in the 2014 challenge to date: 8.25 ounces

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