Duct tape and Crochet

P1010809 (750x530)Duct tape really can fix just about anything.

I recently switched from Boye crochet hooks to Clover Soft Touch hooks. I’ve been having problems on and off with my right arm and I found having to have a tighter grip on the Boye hooks (thinner handle) contributing to the problem. The Clover hooks aren’t cheap so I’ve only purchased a few when I had coupons to help reduce the price. A couple weeks ago I found myself in a crochet pickle-I needed a 4.25mm hook to get gauge. My Clover G is a 4.00mm and I was short on gauge. Using my Boye G which is a 4.25mm, I was able to get gauge but my arm started hurting after just a couple of rounds. So what is a crochet addict to do….DUCT TAPE!

I placed a pencil grip on the hook and then covered it with duct tape. I wasn’t long enough so I added some poly fiberfill and then covered it in some more duct tape. The result is great! I was able to crochet for an extended period of time without my arm aching!

Although this worked in a pinch and I was able to finish my hat, I still prefer the Clover hooks as the Boye seemed to “catch” a lot on the yarn. I’m not sure why; I’ve used them for years without a problem. Maybe I’m just used to the weight and balance of the Clover hooks now. I’ll probably continue to purchase a couple more of the sizes I use often but this was a great, inexpensive fix.

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