Crochet, Bonza style!

Crochet puzzles?  There’s an app for that.

Do you Bonza?  I loooove Bonza.  My mother-in-law introduced my husband to the game a few months ago and he, of course, got me hooked on it.  If you aren’t familiar with it, it is a free game you can download on a tablet or whatever.  They call it a new type of crossword.  I don’t care for traditional crossword puzzles, but this one is fun.  There are a number of puzzle packs you can play for free and they have a daily shuffle where you get to play 2-3 games a day for free.  You have to sit through some ads but I don’t mind.  And, of course, you can purchase additional puzzle packs for points or money.

Bright Idea crochet hat pattern by Darleen Hopkins Light bulbMy husband and I enjoy playing together.   In the morning we play on his tablet and at night we play on mine.  I recently realized it is possible to make your own puzzles.  When you create a puzzle, you get a unique code to share with others.  Of course, the light bulb went off when I realized I could make crochet themed puzzles.  🙂  So, here they are.  Just enter the code in Bonza or click on the link for each game and have fun.  I hope you enjoy them!!

Link for Bonza:

Game Codes

All Things Crochet: 4NH3ST

Crochet Stitches: S9876W

Crochet Tools: GEPRB5

Crochet Methods: TXCQPD

Yarn Fibers: HN335F

Spiced Cider crochet hat and cowl pattern by Darleen Hopkins


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