Stash Bust Update, March 2014 – Stash Busting for Halos of Hope

Still On Safari with Halos of Hope and Stitches South

Lion hat for Halos of Hope Flamingo hats for Halos of Hope

Going along with the On Safari theme, I made three more hats in March for Halos of Hope. Two are flamingos, a variation of my Chirp! Chirp! Tweet! Tweet! pattern. The third is another wacky variation of the Zombie Monkey pattern turned into a Lion. After making two of these lion creatures, I still have some Pomp-A-Doodle left. I guess a third lion will appear later in the year. I had the privilege of dropping these hats and others off at Stitches South yesterday. It was a great day-check for a blog post about it later this week. The 3 hats weigh in at almost 8 ounces.

Total hats made in 2014 challenge to date: 9

Total weight of the hats made in the 2014 challenge to date: 1 pound 9 ounces

Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Ravelry, Crochet by Darleen Hopkins

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