Stash Bust for Hope 2014, January

January 2014 Stash Busting for Hope Update  Shells and Trellis hat for Halos of Hope

Wow, only one month in and I’m already falling behind in my goals.  I’ll get there, I PROMISE!  I did manage to get one hat for Halos of Hope completed during January.   If you are on Ravelry, plynn (blog) has started a CAL/KAL forum for Halos of Hope hats.  Since I don’t really knit much, I’m participating in the CAL.  For January she chose the Shells and Trellis hat by Melody Hamor.  It is a really cute hat and easy pattern.  With a few modifications, you can use just about any yarn.  As always, I made a few tweaks.  You can read my notes on my project page.  This pattern has been on my radar and I’m glad to finally have had a reason to make it-thanks Pat!

Stash Bust 2014 hats made to date: 1

Total weight made to date: 1.75 ounces

Want to see more hats made for Halos of Hope?  Check out this Pinterest board!

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