Dreaming of Crochet

P1030114The other night I had the wackiest dream.

It started out I was flying in a homemade hot air balloon. I ended up in Athens, GA – about 2 hours from my home. I eloquently crash landed as only one can in a dream. Those who were around the area where I landed were real interested in my balloon contraption and I was proud to share the details of the now deflated balloon with them. Then I ran into a good friend of a high school friend of mine. It’s so strange how people from your past just pop up in dreams. Anyway, she and I were walking back to my home and we had to go through this ancient ocean trench that no longer had water. It was very creepy and at one point I started to fall into the trench but Liz helped pull me back up. At the same time a giant sea serpent jumped up and snatched my now rolled up balloon in its jaws and said “There can only be one fantastic creature in these parts” and swam away with it. Of course there was no water….Liz and I freaked out and started to run and that is when I woke up. The crazy thing about this dream is that I had on the wildest pair of crocheted pants. They were made in puff stitches and the yarn used was this beautiful subtly striped yarn in shades of green and blue greens. The yarn was amazing and although I have no desire to crochet myself a pair of pants, I would love to find that yarn.

(Note: The cutie in the picture is a dragon, the closest thing I had to a sea serpent. I’m really afraid of eels and a looking at pictures of sea serpents was freaking me out!)

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