Stash Bust Update: April/May 2013

Stash Bust Update, April and May 2013

When I sat down to write this I realized I didn’t post an update for April.  I guess it’s because although I made a lot of hats for Halos of Hope in April, I didn’t make any hats out of my Bernat Cottontots stash.   But I do have 3 Stash Bust hats for May.

P1020222 (890x1000)First, Hooper the Shark.  I love this pattern by Monica Miles.  She designed it for Halos of Hope and you can own it with a $10 donation to this great charity.  The money goes directly to them and is used to pay for postage in shipping their hats.  I made a couple adjustments to the pattern for worsted/aran yarn (it’s written for bulky).  You can see my adjustments on my Ravelry project page.  And if you have friends who knit, they have a knitted version as well!


P1020228 (1000x1000)My second hat is Oink!  I made this one on the bus going to and from my youngest son’s field trip.  We had a nice day-went to Chattanooga, TN and saw Ruby Falls, an underground waterfall and went to the aquarium.  Three hours on the bus each way and I had more than enough time to finish this cutie.

P1020156 (750x750)



My last one to share with you is a bucket style hat.  I was playing around yarn and didn’t follow a pattern.  It came out kinda cute.  There may be a Bucket Hat pattern in the future…

The 3 hats together weigh in at exactly 12 ounces.

Total Stash Bust Yarn Weight to Date: just under 3 pounds! (almost 1/2 way!!)

Total Stash Bust Hat Count to Date: 13

P1020165 (750x1000)And for kicks and giggles, here’s a photo of Ruby Falls. : 0 )

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