Stash Bust Update – Feb. 2013 Stash Busting for Hope

Stash Busting for Hope, Update – Feb. 2013

Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat.

Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat.

This month I have one hat to share in my Stash Bust Challenge-the Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat.  This is a new pattern of mine.  I was able to make one this month with my CottonTots weighing in at 2.75 ounces putting my total yarn usage to 1 1/4 pounds.  (I promise to have more to share next month as I have 4 hats about 90% complete.)  This cutie pie will be donated to Halos of Hope for their Stitches South Under the Sea for the Kids in Atlanta collection.

If interested, you can find the Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy!

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