New pattern-Made with Love, Heart Baby Blanket, a STASH Buster!

STASH: to store in a usually secret place for future use

Stash Buster Pattern

Use a mix of similar fiber yarn in colors that blend well together

For those who crochet, STASH equals possibilities.  Will this skein be a hat or scarf to keep your son warm while he plays in the snow?  Maybe a market bag for weekend shopping?  How about a baby blanket for your co-worker’s newest family addition?  But sometimes a crocheter’s stash becomes overwhelming.  Do you have boxes or bags full of lone skeins or partial skeins?  Not enough for that sweater you’d like to make or not quite the right fiber for a hat?

Beautiful use of bright colors with Caron Simply Soft.

I’d like to introduce my latest pattern, the Made with Love, Heart Baby Blanket.  I designed this pattern to be a “stash buster”.  I’m a collector of sale or clearance yarn.  It’s hard to pass up a good sale.  Eventually the skeins build up and a stash of yarn ends up taking over the closet.  This blanket is designed to use only 1 or 2 skeins of each color.  If you don’t have full skeins, you can substitute different colors in place of 1 color.  For example, the pattern is written using 2 full skeins of Vanna’s Choice solids as the darker background color.  You can substitute the 1 color with 2 or 3 or more colors of similar shades.  As long as the colors work well together, you can use your stashed yarn to make a lovely blanket for someone special.

Here is a beautiful example.  Jennifer had only partial skeins of 2 different darker blue yarns.  So she combined the 2 and ended up with enough yarn for the darkest background color.  She alternated the 2 shades where the pattern called for 1 and used up some of her leftover yarn.  The result is gorgeous!

Jennifer’s stash for Patchwork Heart Baby Blanket.

Adorable! Jennifer subsituted 2 colors for 1 (background dark)

This beautiful pattern can be found on Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy.  Intermediate skill required as you must be familiar with changing colors mid-row.

Thank you and Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “New pattern-Made with Love, Heart Baby Blanket, a STASH Buster!

    • Thanks for asking Bette. If you mean a finished blanket, I’m sorry, but I don’t do custom orders. If you mean a pattern, the closest I have to Donald Duck is a pattern I’m getting ready to start-a Patchwork Baby Kitty Blanket Pattern-look for it late summer!

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