Stash Bust Update, March 2014, on Safari with Halos of Hope and Stitches South

I’m always so excited to hear when Halos of Hope has a new collection campaign. Mainly because they are awesome and do awesome work but also because it gives me some direction on what type of hat to make.  Sometimes I’ll have a ball of yarn sitting in my basket begging for me to make a hat with it but I’ll have no idea what design or pattern to use.  Then, along comes Halos of Hope with a new themed collection and BINGO, the light bulb comes on (and I don’t even need my Thinking Cap!) and I know exactly what to do with that yarn.  That is what happened with both some brown yarn and this crazy Pomp-A-Doodle yarn I had purchased.

Zombie Monkey Hat crochet pattern by Darleen Hopkins

Halos of Hope’s latest themed collection is ‘On Safari’ for Atlanta area children’s hospitals.  Basically, they are requesting any type of themed hat that can be found on safari or at the zoo.  They are collecting the hats and plan to distribute them while in town for Stitches South in April.  If you remember, last year they went ‘Under the Sea’.  So with this in mind, I peered into my yarn bin and that super soft, dark brown yarn I had no idea what to do with yelled out at me-MONKEY!  but not just any monkey, ZOMBIE MONKEY!! He’s a cute little guy with mismatched zombie button eyes.  I hope he brings a smile to a brave young man (or lady).

Lion Hat for Halos of Hope, used Zombie Monkey pattern second ball of yarn to call to me was this crazy Pomp-A-Doodle yarn.  I thought it would make a pretty good lion.  I had to get a little creative with this one.  Click on the photo to bring you to the project notes-you won’t believe what pattern I used!

Striped Stocking Hat from Candy Corn crochet pattern

My last hat to share was actually started in …2012… and I finished it up in February during the Winter Olympics (Ravellenic Games on Ravelry).  This is another hat where I got creative with the pattern as I used the Candy Corn Stocking Cap for this one.  I’m real please with it and it too will be donated to Halos of Hope when they are in town next month.  The three hats come in at 9 ounces.

Total hats made in 2014 challenge to date: 6

Total weight of the hats made in the 2014 challenge to date: 1 pound 1.25 ounces

Fun with Piranha

P1030461 (1000x667)My family and I spent Black Friday in Chattanooga at the Tennessee Aquarium.  Although it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to Chattanooga, we have a membership to the aquarium and we’ve been a number of times.  I have a lot of favorites, love the seahorses and the jellyfish tanks, the rays touch tank and the silly penguins, but one of my other favorites are the piranhas.  The aquarium has two piranha tanks and they are great.  The first tank has a cut out where you can crawl under the tank, poke your head up and ‘swim’ with them.  It’s always a big hit with kids. In typical Black Friday fashion, the aquarium was a mad-house.  Even though we were there when the doors opened, the entire facility quickly filled up with lots and lots of little ones excited to see the amazing marine life.  We got lucky and had a couple quick moments to pose with these beautiful animals.

P1030466 (870x1000)The Piranha hat is included in the Indie Giftalong and although the discount period for the GAL is over, the pattern is included in my Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale where all Crochet by Darleen Hopkins patterns on Ravelry are 25% off.  Use coupon code ‘Gobble2013’ but hurry, the sale ends Tuesday 12/3/2013 midnight EST.

Aww, what a cutie!

Aww, what a cutie!

If you make this hat, I would LOVE to see you posing with piranha (in tanks only please!) while wearing it.  You can always post them on my Facebook page or email me at  Have fun!

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