Stash Bust Update – Feb. 2013 Stash Busting for Hope

Stash Busting for Hope, Update – Feb. 2013

Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat.

Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat.

This month I have one hat to share in my Stash Bust Challenge-the Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat.  This is a new pattern of mine.  I was able to make one this month with my CottonTots weighing in at 2.75 ounces putting my total yarn usage to 1 1/4 pounds.  (I promise to have more to share next month as I have 4 hats about 90% complete.)  This cutie pie will be donated to Halos of Hope for their Stitches South Under the Sea for the Kids in Atlanta collection.

If interested, you can find the Kissy! Kissy! Fish Face Hat on Etsy, Ravelry and Craftsy!

Stash Bust 2013 – update January

A Flapper, Patrick Star and a Frog

I’ve been steadily working on my Bernat CottonTots 100% cotton yarn stash.  This month I have three hats to share with you.

P1010745 (500x499)

Waiting for Spring Flapper Hat

The first is the Waiting for Spring, Flapper hat.  This is the first hat pattern I designed and offered for sale and have not made it in a long time.  While I was working on it, my husband said “going Old School on this one, huh?”  It’s an adorable hat and I guess I need to make it more often!  I made an XL which should fit most 3 yr. to small adult heads.

P1010663 (500x500)

Silly Hat

The second hat is my latest release, the Silly Hat.  It looks a little bit like my favorite starfish, Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants.  Patrick is such a goofball; no wonder SpongeBob is best buddies with him.  It is a version of the Candy Corn Hat.  This is a medium (most 3-6 yr. old children).  It’s too tight for my almost 11-year-old to wear so it should be perfect for a younger child.

P1010751 (500x500)

Crazy Frog Hat

The last is my buddy, the Crazy Frog hat.  This pattern is included free with every one of Crochet by Darleen Hopkins patterns I sell (Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy); just an extra bonus and thank you for your purchase!  I made a small/medium to fit most 3-6 yr. old kids.

I’m saving these three to donate to Halos of Hope when they arrive in Atlanta for Stitches South.  They are collecting regular and sea themed hats to benefit Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta – Egleston & Scottish Rite and will be distributing them that same weekend.

My three hats weigh in just over 9 ounces.  Add this to the two I donated in December to Halos of Hope, New England Chapter and that’s a little over 1 pound (so far) of CottonTots crocheted into soft hats for Halos of Hope!  Five pounds to go! : )

Stash Bust 2013-update Dec.

P1010651 (600x600)P1010652 (600x600)Stash Bust Update!

I’ve been steadily working on my 6 pounds of Bernat Cottontots for my Stash Bust Challenge, 2013. I have two hats complete weighing just over 1/2 lb, only 5 1/2 pounds to go!! The two pink hats will go to Halos of Hope, New England Chapter. Erin has partnered with Halos of Hope to serve centers in the New England area. She is trying to collect 50 pink adult (female) hats by Feb. 1st, 2013.  I hope these two will bring comfort to a couple awesome ladies.

The Slouchy Newsboy Hat (bottom) is a pattern by Eileen Tepper and the other Cubed Slouch Hat (top) is a pattern I’m working on. All I have to do now is tag these two with yarn details and send them off!

What to do with 6 pounds of yarn…Stash Busting for Hope!

Stash Busting for Halos of Hope

Last week we were getting ready to meet my parents for Thanksgiving at the beach.  I was frantically running around with last-minute packing and realized I didn’t have a project to work on in the car (6 hour drive!).  I had just finished a baby blanket and had two bib patterns in testing.  My only other WIPs were Christmas gifts for the boys-not something I could work on in front of them.  I did a quick glance at my  yarn stash and made a Thanksgiving promise-I’m going to bust this stash and make some hats for Halos of Hope.

6 pounds of Bernat CottonTots.  2013 Challenge, crochet into hats for Halos of Hope.
6 pounds of Bernat CottonTots. 2013 Challenge, crochet into hats for Halos of Hope.

My yarn stash is stored in paper boxes (you know the ones, I think 10 reams of 500 sheets of paper per case).  I won’t tell you how many boxes I have, but it’s a lot.  I have one box full of just Bernat CottonTots 100% cotton yarn.  I love this yarn.  It’s so soft, perfect for chemo hats.  So, in that frantic last-minute packing, I decided I will crochet all of the CottonTots into hats for Halos of Hope-Stash Bust 2013 (although I have a head start as I started on our trip).   I weighed the yarn when we returned home and it’s over 6 pounds!  While sorting through the box, I found some hearts already made. I’ll be using them on some of the hats.  I’m excited about this challenge and plan to post updates at least once a month.  Please check back on my progress and if you like, join in!  Check this list for pre-approved yarns perfect for chemo hats and this Guidelines and Helpful Hints in making hats for those experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy or radiation.

Halos of Hope is a fantastic not-for-profit organization that distributes handcrafted hats to chemotherapy patients.  They work directly with chemo centers across the country .  Pam, a survivor, started the organization in 2006.  I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting her or the other volunteers in person, but hope to in the near future.  For now, I will continue to make hats and send them to Illinois.  Read some to their Stories of Hope .

Do you have some yarn in your stash that’s not on their soft enough for chemo hat list?  Try this stash buster pattern Made with Love, Heart Baby Blanket.